Best Hidden Object Games to Bring Out the Sherlock in You

Do you belong to the category of people who love playing games about finding things/items that are hidden within a picture? Then you are probably going to love this article, as we are going to list the best-hidden object games of 2020.

Hidden object games are a popular trend in casual gaming and is meant for those individuals who are patient and interested in mystery. These games are a test of your vision, thinking and problem-solving skills in the most complex situations.

There are excellent hidden object games available online for free. They range from puzzles, adventure, crime-solving to unravelling mysteries. You are not required to download these games, and only need an active internet connection to play them. You can have fun and keep your mind sharp at the same time.

best hidden object games

Best Online Hidden Object Games:

Hidden Easter Eggs Game

Easter is the favourite festival for many as families gather together and spend a joyous time. The tradition of decorating Easter eggs makes the celebration even more special. In this game, the protagonist Alexis also loves celebrating Easter, and his family searches for Easter eggs every year.

This year, there is something special about the popular search; there are ten more golden coloured eggs hidden along with the Easter egg; these eggs are bonus levels and are hidden very well. The one who finds the eggs the fastest will be the winner of this search. The game is compatible with all devices and is fun and festive themed.

Palace of Pearls

A deserted palace always attracts the attention of mystery seekers. This is precisely the case with Ruth and Tylor who have heard rumours about the Palace of Pearls. Once belonging to King Aaron, the palace is now abandoned and supposedly is home to the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world.

However, Ruth and Tylor choose to ignore the fact that the Palace Of Pearls is cursed and none of the adventurers who visited this place earlier, ever returned. Get on this fascinating journey with the two of them to find the six valuable pearls hidden in this palace.

Temple Keepers Game

This game offers players a riveting story about young Itzel; who is on her way to becoming one of the rarest keepers of the holy temple of the Mayas (a Mesoamerican civilization). The story is filled with mysteries that you have to solve by finding hidden objects.

Just like how other hidden object games function, players are required to tap on objects in the scenery according to the clues on the screen. In the game, you will assist Itzel in passing the test, which will help her become a keeper. Along, with the primary goal of finding clues, each level ends with a simple riddle and a Mahjong puzzle which adds to the fun factor of the game. Having a keen eye for detail will benefit you at higher levels.

The Captains Treasure Game

Treasure themed games are a treat for those who enjoy finding hidden objects. A storyline that talks about a legendary pirate Hector Rackham who has left a lot of treasures on a mysterious island. You have to assist captain Edward and his crew in searching for the long-lost treasure by finding hidden objects in each location of the mysterious island.

With excellent graphics and exciting tasks given to the players, this is one engaging hidden objects game.

Enchanted Treasure Game

Play as Debra in this intriguing game about Leprechauns who are little bearded men fairies. Leprechauns are a part of Irish mythology and are believed to grant three wishes in return for their freedom from a human.

As Debra visits the Leprechaun Patrick, he offers her a part of his treasure. However, one condition is that she should finish all the tasks she gets from him. The game features several scenic locations where you have to find objects and answer riddles. Also, you can enjoy mini-games such as Candy crush to increase the level of entertainment.

Spooky Holiday Game

If you love Halloween and are finding the usual themes of hidden object games a bit monotonous, you should give spooky holiday games a try.

The factor in this game that makes it different from others is that the players are provided with 5 to 6 different scenarios to find the objects, rather than the usual 1 picture 1 list of objects. In this game, you will be required to help Lisa, Mark, and their mother Karen to prepare for the scariest holiday of the year. The objects they look around for are related to Halloween. It’s pretty impressive with excellent graphics and several unlocked levels.

There are numerous other online hidden object games, and no two games are the same. Each game offers something different to the player. These games are intellectually very enhancing, and along with entertainment act as an exercise for the brain. You definitely will not get bored with the number of hidden object games available online for free.

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