What Is the Role of a Data Center in Web Hosting?

There was a time when a room was occupied by a single computer. Right after that came an era where a single chip in a device can store thousands of images, videos, and applications. Soon after, the technicians discovered that the performing speed of your device should not be hampered due to overutilization of the memory space. Thus, data centres were established and then began a revolution in terms of web hosting and storage. Think of it as a building that stores all the informative files and folders and you, as a user, can retrieve them whenever you want! When we talk about web hosting, it is merely a webpage that is used by a person to display out information that he wants to endorse.

If you wonder in what way is this data center and web hosting is related- then here’s the thing!

Websites or webpages are hosted on servers. The server can share  your website whenever someone requests to view them over the Internet. However, the location of these servers is some part of a room from the bunch of buildings with every floor covered with thousands of other servers. Such a place where ‘data storing’ servers are kept for hosting millions of websites is called a data center. Before we move on, If you own an amazon firestick, make sure you check out list of best firestick apps.

What benefits do Data Centers offer?

Let us here know what is the role of the data center in web hosting! There might be other roles as well but here, we list out some important ones to understand the notable benefits of data centers.

Instant Messaging and Mailing

When we say about information storage and retrieval, we come across something like a database record. This can be anything, right from the number of posts, subscribers, views to the collection of information via forms. The website owner is thus able to contact their subscribers via mails and does not need to manually enter the information. Instant messaging applications like Mailchimps makes use of such a database. A particular message can be broadcasted or sent individually and can be managed with the help of data centers and the generous amount of storage space they lease you.

E-commerce transactions

The roles that a data center can play in web hosting depends on what services does your website provide. If your website is all about e-commerce transactions, payment processes, shopping carts, and checkouts, then the data center stores can have all the relevant information that you can access whenever needed. The number of purchases, account history, logins, and transaction records are always kept with the server on demand, and thus the user’s work is simplified as ever.

Cloud storage

As you need hosting, you might need lots of files, folders, and documents to be available to post at any time. Needless to say, you must not waste loads of memory space of your personal device and let data centers provide you a personal cloud space. Authentic access to your own cloud can provide you with some space to upload and share files without having to download it. They are available on your phones, tablets, and computers and with proper login credentials, they’re with you even when you’re not at your workplace.

Backup and Recovery

Well, this role of the data center is a life savior like. From among all the other mishaps, if you happen to lose all your files and important documents due to power failure or computer crash, data centers will always uphold one just if you’ve stored it there. All the required data necessary for operational reasons are kept as a copy for the user for reference. That doesn’t mean your data is at risk and everything will be saved. As much as it helps you to keep a backup and retrieve it with authenticated access, your data is equally safe. Let’s talk about that next.

Security of the stored data

Yes, your data is not only safe over the network but also physically! The buildings where these servers are stored- yeah, known as data centers have your privacy managed and uncompromised. Several guards and multiple areas are covered with camera surveillance and looked at and checked every minute by a committee to monitor any suspicious activity around these centers. Apart from physical security, strong and unbreakable firewalls are installed so that any intruder with malicious intents can not trespass under any circumstances. Some centers are not even detectable on the maps and their location is hidden for security purposes.

Allow dedicated or shared space for hosting

Data centers provide servers to us for web hosting. Each server allows space to utilize under some monthly rental agreement. Depending on your plan, you can share the server or have a dedicated server depending on the size of your website project, costing, and affordability. Dedicated servers come at a higher cost and for smaller purposes, one can switch to shared servers with limited yet adequate storage space.

Round the clock availability

When we say round-the-clock, we actually mean it. Any activities associated with your server- including sharing, transmission, uploading, downloading, access, retrieval, backups, and restoring can happen at any time of the day! There is no such visiting hours here and can be done at your own pace and availability. Each data center is maintained at a specific temperature for the smooth performance of these machines and to avoid heating issues. Every system failure is inspected and looked at immediately to avoid crashing of other systems and inspection is carried out to prepare preventive measures before breakdown.



So here are some of the roles that a data centers play, underlined by us for your web hosting. These roles can vary depending on the website, traffic, purpose, and services but in a nutshell- all the information for the visitors and for the user is all loaded in some of the servers geographically far away yet available at the fingertips in a fraction of seconds. In the coming years, the roles can increase considering the advances in technology and data-based sciences.

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