9 Platforms to Invest on, While on a Budget

“Anyone who is not investing now is missing a Tremendous Opportunity” – Carlos Slim

Investment decisions are not very undemanding, they can be overwhelming, scary and quite arduous to make. Being financially literate is a powerful thing today, we need to know our assets and precise knowledge of our expenditure and savings can assist in making the right investment decision.

Investments and Risk go hand in hand, one should be prepared for the ups and downs while investing. To minimize the repercussions of an investment decision, it is advisable to study and conduct thorough research and analysis of the market.

Investing online is a future trend, it is a convenient option for the youth who are not so experienced in the field and can make decisions from the comfort of their homes, without getting into the complicated procedure of dealing through a broker.

Online trading is less expensive as additional costs such as transaction costs and brokerage fees can be foregone. You can save up on a lot of time, courtesy the high speed of online investing portals.

Another advantage is that one can avoid brokerage bias, as some brokers offer investment advice which is beneficial for them. When using online investment locales, the investor is aware of real-time stock-market news and more, this plays to their advantage as they can have more control and flexibility over their decisions. Online investment can be risky, but if researched clearly, it can be quite advantageous for the investor.

9 best online platforms to invest on, are enlisted below:


This is an online cryptocurrency trading platform. You can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin in India, through this forum. They have also developed an app that is made available on Google PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore. They aim at providing a powerful trading experience through the web, Android and IOS devices, and as Windows and Macs app.

WazirX relies on the fact that the world is digitally revolutionizing. They ensure class security by investing in regular security audits, they also provide their users with the convenience of a super-fast KYC, speedy Transactions can be done through the forum. Their website is designed to be simple and efficient, which anyone can easily gain access to. WazirX intends on building an exchange through which all the people who believe in digital currencies or crypto can be brought together.


Coin By Zerodha

Are you considering investing in mutual funds? Zerodha Coin might be the right place to do so. It is a safe and secure platform, which facilitates investors to place mutual fund orders and they place these orders on BSE starMF for execution.

It Is India’s largest direct mutual funds platform, which allows users to explore amongst more than 2000 mutual funds options. There is no commission passback involved in the transaction, which makes this platform even more appealing. You can buy mutual funds directly, from asset managing companies, and even your stocks, currencies, bonds and more go into your respective Demat accounts.

They help you find the correct investment plan, by clearly stating the terms and conditions of all the plans. Their app is available for all android and IOS devices. Make sure to read the disclaimer before making any decision.



A crypto Exchange forum, CoinDCX helps users trade across 250+ Altcoins with up to 6x leverage with massive liquidity from the world’s leading exchanges. It is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers a professional trading experience to all types of traders.

A person who wishes to deal in cryptocurrencies will not have to search anywhere else, as CoinCDX brings the highest liquidity from the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges for fast order execution, instant arbitrage opportunities, and a smooth spot trading experience. Their partners include top cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance, Okex, and Huobi. To access this locale, all you have to do is sign up, buy/deposit cryptocurrency and you can start trading.

They have an android app, available on the PlayStore, to enable users to trade whenever and wherever. Their other products include the DCXtrade, where one can trade in 200+ coins with the highest liquidity; the DCXmargin facilitates trading in 5x leverage on Binance Markets and the DCXinsta where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold in INR. It is a simple, fast and versatile platform for digital coins trading.


Karvy is an experienced stockbroking platform that offers tangible and customized solutions to corporate, institutional and individual investors. Their comprehensive trading account helps clients approach various investment avenues in an integrated fashion providing them ease of transaction. Their mobile application ensures that trading is hassle-free.

The products offered by Karvy include equity, mutual funds, commodity, derivatives, currency, bonds, FD’s, priority accounts and more. They help investors trade in markets such as the Share market, IPO, Mutual funds market, Derivatives market, etc.

Their reports and recommendations are backed by strong research experts and they provide their users with all the relevant market updates, for convenience purposes. Their customer service is considered to be one of the best in the field and they focus on the needs of the investors. This makes it a splendid online investment locale.



This platform is a completely free, direct mutual fund investing platform. They claim to be a free investment management forum where no commission and no fee is charged to the investors. They operate around 800 cities and use funds from around 39 fund houses to build investment plans, which include some of the top firms such as Aditya Birla Sun Life, Axis, Baroda, Kotak, LIC, Mahindra, HDFC, Franklin Templeton and many more.

Their advisory team is experienced in money management and hence provide recommendations that are rooted in reality. Moreover, their unique feature is that they offer only direct plans where investors do not have to pay commissions (up to 1.5%), unlike when you opt for a regular plan. They also make use of the best security protocols, and all investments are routed through the BSE platform.

Kuvera is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board Of India as an investment advisor. They aim at delivering unbiased advice to their customers.



A stockbroking platform, Upstox is one of the highest-rated trading applications in India. It is the only Indian broker to open 1,00,000 Demat accounts in a month. They aim at simplifying the procedure of opening a Demat account, by only verifying through Aadhaar.

You can access it for free, there are no hidden charges. Downloading the app on Google PlayStore or AppStore makes it simpler to access charting tools, through which trading decisions can be made quickly. It is a quick, effortless and efficient online trading platform.


Invest in direct Mutual Funds through the money front app, available on IOS and Android Devices. They have come up with a concept knows as the Moneyfront savings meter, accessing this will help the investor realize how far their money can grow with direct plans.

Utilizing this platform will help you save up on distributor costs and in-built commissions charged by brokers. They model portfolios based on each investor risk tolerance, this eliminates human bias.

Their mathematically proven advisory tools to select the best option. Moneyfront assists its users by delivering live feeds and regular updates. It is a promising platform for less experienced investors, to begin with.


An online-only investment platform, FundsIndia is built on robust technology and gives its users access to mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, stocks from BSE, corporate fixed deposits and various other investment products, all in one convenient online location.

Their expert research team selects specific mutual funds, that can increase the money of the investors. It also presents investment advice from certified experts to aid the decision-making process. It is a trustworthy and safe investment service.


It is a well-designed platform for budding investors, who can invest, redeem, start or stop SIP’s completely online, anytime. While most advisory platforms provide only commission-laden mutual funds, Goalwise lets you invest in zero-commission direct plans for free- no transaction charges are involved.

Their data-driven unbiased Mutual Fund selection strategy gives up to 34% higher returns than the other platforms. They possess excellent customer support, which retorts to customer queries fairly quickly.

Regardless of how secure and efficient online investment platforms are, it is essential to do your research before getting into any decision. Research is much more than just listening to popular opinion, investing without sufficient knowledge ultimately leads to regrettable investable decisions.

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